About Me

I’m an Aussie who gave up a sunburnt country for a Prestonian man; and I consider myself to be very blessed to be called Mummy daily by my boy and girl who I love to bits and are ever insufferable and tolerant of letting me try out new faces/designs on them. I love art and anything to do with creativity.

My early experience with face painting began as being the one who got roped in as the family party organiser back in Australia.  My first set of face paints were really dire face crayons which were smeared on to nieces, nephews and cousins faces. Face painting then progressed to a curious hobby once I had my son.  What started with waxy face crayons, became a small palette of face paints and one brush.  Now I find myself armed with an array of brushes which I’ve become picky about (a far cry from the one brush!), a tool box that houses my pots of paints, glitter, powder and with an ever growing repertoire of faces; all of this which has evolved in to me becoming ThatFacepainter.

ThatFacepainter and her little tiger cubWhether I Blog, Tweet, or comment on Facebook opinions are my own (and not necessarily right) and do not reflect that of the people or companies I blog about or mention. However, I can guarantee that daftness is key to being me and I am not a fan of green gummy bears or cherry flavoured sweets.

Please note that if you do decide to book me for your event I may take photos of pieces I have created which will likely be promoted throughout sites such as my website, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Blog to self promote.