A Spotty Dotty Delight. 20th November, 2012

When it comes to hashing out a design, I admit and hold my hand up to the design not being entirely my own.  There are some designs out there that are utterly gorgeous and you just have to replicate it as it is, then you get ones where there are only certain elements you like from it.  This could be a matter of things, placement of a flower, angle of a line, even the thickness of a line.

In the past, when I painted a face – this was usually family members.  It was a case of seeing a design and getting it on the face whether it be a tiger or a butterfly – Bish Bash Bosh job done, as long as it looked like what you had in mind to paint.  Now that I have taken it up a level from those days I find myself occasionally having a play with the paints and end up mimicking a design that I have seen or even taking to do some floral clusters practise and sometimes I find that, that little flower you had in mind to paint; becomes a whole different design where swirls are incorporated and tear drops are added.

Over the course of my extensive “research” (a moments afternoon where the kids are entertained with the iPad or Wii and the husband has a brew) I found what helps tie in a design sometimes are little dots, clusters here and there of random size.  These I find are great “fillers” of little vacant areas found in your design.   Also if you align your dots, this helps to pull in a design to a focal point – for example, if you were painting a mask and you did several dots from the bottom outer corner of your eye, in towards your nose this gives it balance.

As you can see from the image below, adding dots can make a change to your design.  So load your brushes up and get dotting!

Apologies for the photo quality, I took the photos on my phone and only realised later – after I had washed my face.  That the sequence of shots would make for a good blog piece.

Dots on butterfly and used as fillers

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