BAM Stencils – Review 22nd May, 2013

I love these stencils because they offer a different dimension to your designs helping you fill an empty space or adding texture to a face, such as scales for a monster.

Ideally I would love to work towards getting the whole range.  However, as I don’t have a pot of gold I’ve had to be quite selective as to which ones to purchase first.   Retailing at approx £4.00 each this can get pricey – say, if you buy a design that could be done just as quick if not quicker freehanded.

Here are just some tips and hints if you do decide to purchase these and wasn’t too sure if you wanted to invest.

BAM Stencils

Storage:  Be mindful of how you’re going to store these in your kit.  Some painters opt to have them on a curtain ring or chain.  Personally, as some designs are so delicate I’ve opted to keep it in the sleeve it was packaged in and replaced inner card with plain carded paper.  I’ve got two stencils per sleeve.  I keep these in a box with all my glitter and dabbing sponges.

Pick and Choose:  Don’t be worried (more so tempted) if you’re unable to purchase the whole lot of them at one go.  Evaluate your repertoire and work out what stencils would be best to have in your kit first and built on that.  The Paisley Design (BAM 1035) was one of my first purchases and I love it because it is such a great pattern for laying down a base, especially when I paint up a masquerade mask.

Appearance:  At the moment I found that they’ve been made out of different types of plastic sheeting.  They all seem to have the same flexibility, however opacity varies.   Some are quite transparent than others, whereas I’ve got ones where they’re  also quite white – this hasn’t been much of an issue for me, as I’m still able to see where you’re going to lay down the pattern.

I hope this little review has been able to shed some light on them for you.


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