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Face Painting at the Little Fun Fest. 13th April, 2013

Face painting set up at Little Fun Fest near Manchester

I had seen tweets about this in passing earlier on in the year and, as they had a face painter on board already, I was gutted. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something as awesome sounding as a Little Fun Fest!?  Little did I know that I would eventually be the face painter for them – Like OH MI GAWD!!! I have stayed a little away from Twitter for a… (read more)

Happy Birthday – well, to me! 8th April, 2013

Image of a girl with a cupcake painted onto her face

ThatFacepainter is a year old!!  What an amazing, surreal and fantastic journey the past 12 months have been.  Aside from jinxing the country with the worst ever summer on record, in embarking on face painting as a business, I can’t believe the opportunities that little ol’me, my paints and brushes have had. The most recent being such a butt load of icing on my imaginary (birthday) cake, painting for the… (read more)

I Did It! We Did It! 18th March, 2013

ThatFacepainter Charity Hair Donation

Thank you ALL of you – every single person, family, couple; good hearted people out there.  You have helped me raise over £500 smackeroonies!! FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS for Rosemere Cancer Foundation.  My hair, measuring over half a metre long, has been sent to The Little Princess Trust.  Being given the opportunity to donate to these two wonderful causes has been such an honour I can’t even begin to comprehend. With… (read more)

Tick Toc it’s March! 4th March, 2013


Hello for 2013.  To say that it has been a long while since I last posted a blog is an understatement.   I guess for me, at times (mostly), I feel that what I say may be irrelevant or just scatty as the inside of my head is like that sometimes – imagine Escher’s House of Stairs.  Aside from that, my beloved laptop is missing a few keys so it makes… (read more)

Humble Beginnings 19th October, 2012

Bank Hall

My face painting journey has been more than I could have ever expected, anticipated or even dreamt of!  As my husband knows, I love crafty things such as the quilling box set that I urged him to drive out to a craft store for; adamant that I was going to take it up .. but as you guessed it, I’ve not really completed a quilling project – that was 8… (read more)

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