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Hair Appointment For March 2013 3rd October, 2012


Fast forward to March 17 2013: I will be 35 and for my 35th Birthday I’m to get a haircut; a haircut that I hope will perhaps contribute some way to help with cancer patients at the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.  Whether it’s someone’s parking for their radiotherapy sessions, coffee and biscuits for supporting carers  –  just a little something. Almost seven years ago, it was Tom and I that would… (read more)

Pottery Fun .. Painting by Nipples 17th August, 2012

Plates using a breast imprint for the basis of a design

This isn’t related to anything face painty, but it’s painty of a kind.  Some pottery fun (for ladies) and something different, if like me you haven’t been before. Painting by nipples in aid of The Rosemere Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness at Fired4U.  I’d seen this in passing before and thought .. “What a great way to do some pottery painting, hang on .. with my nipples?” .. the nipples… (read more)

Diamond Jubilee Fever! 31st May, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Floral Cluster

So the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is upon us and one strokes are being sold left, right and sold out!  I missed out on purchasing one, so took to making my own.  I usually don’t mind the ones I make myself, but I noticed with this particular colour combo, the red wasn’t as vibrant.  Looking back, I think perhaps I didn’t add enough red in it. Anyway, for those wanting to… (read more)

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