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Mini Tutorial – Double Dip Hummingbirds 5th July, 2013


The double dip method used again, for another cute little winged creature – the hummingbird. xBx   Mini Tutorial on a double dip hummingbird #facepainting #tips #tutorial #hummingbird from thatfacepainter

Mini Tutorial on Butterflies – Part Two 4th July, 2013

Butterflies Tutorial Part Two

Continuing on from the first tutorial on a double dip butterfly  this butterfly is done with a Fan Brush, and it’s literally that.  A brush with bristles that fan out .. like a fan. Add glitter to these babies and you’ve instantly got twinkleness galore.  Here you go quick easy prettiness for those massive crowds. xBx   Vid continuation of butterflies using a FAN BRUSH quick simple and a crowd mover… (read more)

Mini Tutorial on Butterflies – Part One 4th July, 2013

Butterflies Tutorial Part Two

I need to come to grips with this video embedding malarkey, and what a better way then repetition right? (I’m just fishing for any excuse really). As I was super excited about loading up the previous video, I forgot to add that these videos I’ll end up featuring on my blog is there to help people wanting a few tips. There’s a lot of other video tutorials out there which… (read more)

Mini Tutorial – Double Dip Flowers and Leaves 3rd July, 2013

Double Dip Flowers

I’ve been on Instagram now for under a year .. and I LOVE IT!  I love the community that it generates the familiar profiles, the amazing work, the inspiration!  At the moment I’m heavily into my crochet and I love the crafting side .. love love love it, to the point of obsession (let’s be honest here)  What gets me is that a majority of these people I’ve never ever… (read more)

TAG Rainbow #4 & #6 – Review 9th June, 2013

TAG Rainbow Cakes

I do love my multicoloured face painty cakes.  Split cakes, Rainbow cakes, Base blenders .. they’re just little pots of colourful pretty goodness – you can’t help but want! These tiny, fit into the palm of your hand One Stroke variety are brilliant!  If you’ve not seen these before, these are smaller containers of painty goodness.  Roughly about an inch wide and over two inches in length, these one strokes… (read more)

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