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Diamond Jubilee Fever! 31st May, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Floral Cluster

So the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is upon us and one strokes are being sold left, right and sold out!  I missed out on purchasing one, so took to making my own.  I usually don’t mind the ones I make myself, but I noticed with this particular colour combo, the red wasn’t as vibrant.  Looking back, I think perhaps I didn’t add enough red in it. Anyway, for those wanting to… (read more)

Fixing Bent Brushes 30th May, 2012

A bunch of brushes ideal for face painting

I love my brushes and am Loew Cornell mad.  Slight obsession?  I think so!  So you can imagine the despair one faces when your favourite rounded brush isn’t so round any more, or in my case; a few of my tips bent due to the shoddy case I had them in originally (I’ve purchased a hard container since that have foam sections that keep the brushes in place when on the… (read more)

Split What?? .. Split Cakes!! 15th April, 2012

Home made Snazaroo rainbow/split/arty cake.

What is a split/rainbow cake?  When I saw these .. . my thoughts were “INGENIOUS!” … “So that’s how they do it! ” .. and the almighty “WOW!!” These are ‘cakes’ (container of your face paint) that aren’t just one flat colour, but basically a cake which comprises of two colours or more.  You get various colour variations that’ll give you perfect blends for roses, back drops, anything!  You can get… (read more)

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