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My Social Media Tips Part 4 (Instagram) 12th February, 2014


It’s just pictures, right?! In essence it is and personally for me I love this particular platform for a number of reasons.  When I eventually got an account, I thought I would be vigilant and just stick to face painting themed shots of my work or anything related to my work – How. Wrong. Was. I!? Thus far  my account has been filled up with , kids pics, cooking pics,… (read more)

My Social Media Tips Part 3 (Twitter) 27th November, 2013


I think I speak for a good majority here when I say, “What is Twitter?! .. I don’t get it” because I did say that at some point.   Before ThatFacepainter, I wasn’t really one for Tweeting. I didn’t even own an account, and didn’t see the point to be honest. How wrong was I!? Of all the platforms that I’ve used, Twitter has been phenomenally good to me in terms… (read more)

My Social Media Tips Part 2 (Facebook) 5th November, 2013

Facebook Icon

Facebook, for me (and I think like many others), is the first Social Media platform that a lot of businesses turn to, to help make themselves known and to generate a presence; whatever your reasons, it is a fabulous tool and, on a basic level, it’s also free. It almost doubles up like a website/web presence for those who aren’t able to code themselves a website or even afford one…. (read more)

My Social Media Tips Part 1 5th November, 2013

Social Media Square

I love Facebook and am addicted more than the average person you could argue.  I love that it allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends back home in Oz – images of the Kiddiewinks pulling their latest funny faces are uploaded instantly so that their Aunty, Poh Tou (Granddad) and Mae Tou (Grandma)  can see when they wake up on the other side of the world…. (read more)

TAG Rainbow #4 & #6 – Review 9th June, 2013

TAG Rainbow Cakes

I do love my multicoloured face painty cakes.  Split cakes, Rainbow cakes, Base blenders .. they’re just little pots of colourful pretty goodness – you can’t help but want! These tiny, fit into the palm of your hand One Stroke variety are brilliant!  If you’ve not seen these before, these are smaller containers of painty goodness.  Roughly about an inch wide and over two inches in length, these one strokes… (read more)

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