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BAM Stencils – Review 22nd May, 2013

BAM Stencils

I love these stencils because they offer a different dimension to your designs helping you fill an empty space or adding texture to a face, such as scales for a monster. Ideally I would love to work towards getting the whole range.  However, as I don’t have a pot of gold I’ve had to be quite selective as to which ones to purchase first.   Retailing at approx £4.00 each this… (read more)

A Spotty Dotty Delight. 20th November, 2012

Floral cluster with dots

When it comes to hashing out a design, I admit and hold my hand up to the design not being entirely my own.  There are some designs out there that are utterly gorgeous and you just have to replicate it as it is, then you get ones where there are only certain elements you like from it.  This could be a matter of things, placement of a flower, angle of… (read more)

Clean Brushes? .. Yes Please!!! 10th October, 2012


As a face painter, your brushes are essentially one half of what you do so in my opinion it is important that they’re kept in the best nick possible.  In the past I did a post on reshaping your brushes using boiled hot water, personally I still stand by this and do this to my brushes every 2 to 3 weeks.  But before I reshaped the brushes, a clean would… (read more)

Pearl Teal By TAG – Review 24th August, 2012

A sample swatch on a pearlised teal by TAG

Since my last post on face paints it is without a doubt that I have fallen in love with the Diamond FX range of face paints.  Jumping onto them from using Snazaroo, I’ve not regretted the change at all.  That’s not to say that I haven’t come across some flaws with the DFX range, for example from their Essentials Range, the Red isn’t quite so red it leans towards and… (read more)

Brushes For Your Kit 13th August, 2012

Face painting brushes #4 rounds review

I would like to claim that I’ve used every single brush under the sun to fully write this blog article with 110% conviction, however my budget doesn’t allow for such experimental notions.  So in saying this, this is a review of 3 different brands of a #4 round brush. By no means am I saying that my opinion is definite, as each brush is unique to each of us painters… (read more)

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