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Sponges For Your Kit 8th August, 2012

High density sponges cut in half for face painting

Sponges can come in a variety of shape, texture and form (density) but you’ll soon find them a handy addition to your kit. Whether they’re sponge mops for making the perfect circles to using them to apply your based colour to your design.  Different textures allow for different effects.  They can be used for a bearded face (stipple textured), snake scale or dry skin effect (sea sponge type texture). With these round… (read more)

My Secret Is Out .. 20th July, 2012


Just like something precious or in my case it’s more like a spoilt little naughty girl who’s not willing to share her dollies.  This blog piece is an article about these 5 ladies who have been a huge inspiration to me and my face painting journey thus far. With the power of social media and the likes of YouTube and Facebook, knowledge is out there.  Yes it is true that… (read more)

A Bucket In My Kit 12th July, 2012


When it comes to face painting water is an essential part of your kit, whether you’re using it to clean your brushes or in an atomiser to spray onto your cakes. Personally I use a couple of small glass jars to rinse my water in, that way I can keep track at how murky it gets and customers can see that I make changes to it regularly.  If I get… (read more)

Sponge Mops – Review 3rd July, 2012

Sponge Mops/Pouncers

For whatever your repertoire may be a few sponge mops in your kit could prove handy.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with drawing your circles freehanded.  But when you’ve got queues building, a simple dab of a sponge mop will make it a little more quicker. My first purchase were a set of Loew Cornell branded ones, and I went with these because I LOVE my LC brushes and… (read more)

How To Make Split/Rainbow Cakes 12th June, 2012

A homemade split/rainbow cake

It takes a brave soul to cut up your new and pristine cakes that I know but I love these little gems which are such a time saver and more importantly; allows for MAXIMUM wow factor.  You can purchase these but if you can be bothered to make them, they are handy as you can customise the colour combination to your liking and cater it to what sort of faces… (read more)

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