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Reds – Review 30th May, 2012

Two different shades of red face paints

Just a quick review on some red paints. At first I wasn’t too keen on the Diamond FX Red from the Essentials range as it seemed quite transparent and had more orange tones to it, but looking back at the picture it’s a good “super heroes” red.  So not being pleased with it originally I purchased a Mehron cake from their Paradise range, this smells divine but also offers a deeper… (read more)

Starting Out .. A Costly Affair 30th May, 2012

A4 sized box used as face painting case

Starting out in this business is without a doubt costly. Investing in professional face paints can set you back on an average of £4 a cake, and then on top of that you’ve got your brushed to account for and good quality is the key, however, if you’ve bought any of these items and you find that it doesn’t work for you; that’s money down the drain. “Been there done… (read more)

Fixing Bent Brushes 30th May, 2012

A bunch of brushes ideal for face painting

I love my brushes and am Loew Cornell mad.  Slight obsession?  I think so!  So you can imagine the despair one faces when your favourite rounded brush isn’t so round any more, or in my case; a few of my tips bent due to the shoddy case I had them in originally (I’ve purchased a hard container since that have foam sections that keep the brushes in place when on the… (read more)

Face Paints .. What’s Out There? 15th May, 2012

Ironman Design using DFX paints

There are a good handful of products out there, I know that now after digging about on YouTube for tutorials;  brands that I hadn’t heard of.  Perhaps (most highly) it was due to lack of research on my end, but when you want to get stuck in in this kinda business.  You just want to get stuck in, it’s like the Cookie Monster with his cookies.  This review wasn’t generated… (read more)

Split What?? .. Split Cakes!! 15th April, 2012

Home made Snazaroo rainbow/split/arty cake.

What is a split/rainbow cake?  When I saw these .. . my thoughts were “INGENIOUS!” … “So that’s how they do it! ” .. and the almighty “WOW!!” These are ‘cakes’ (container of your face paint) that aren’t just one flat colour, but basically a cake which comprises of two colours or more.  You get various colour variations that’ll give you perfect blends for roses, back drops, anything!  You can get… (read more)

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