Face Painting at the Little Fun Fest. 13th April, 2013

I had seen tweets about this in passing earlier on in the year and, as they had a face painter on board already, I was gutted. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something as awesome sounding as a Little Fun Fest!?  Little did I know that I would eventually be the face painter for them – Like OH MI GAWD!!!

I have stayed a little away from Twitter for a bit, mostly because I’ve been ogling at handmade crochet goods on Instagram and having a dab at trying to crochet the whole house (as my husband and family back in Australia put it).  I was VERY close to missing this shout out, if it wasn’t for two lovely ladies who saw that a face painter was needed and forwarded the information my way.  After making myself known to various people in association with the Little Fun Fest, I was just so giddy to have my foot in the door and peep a “G’day!!”  This then became a leisurely tennis match of emails which resulted in, “We would love to have you with us for the two days” – AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHH pee my pants with excitement!

Although I was painting, I was very fortunate enough to be joined by my family that day and having two under the ages of 6 on a full days event – well, I’m sure you’re able to drum up various hair tearing scenarios (we were out of the house by 8am! And on Saturday I was still painting at 6pm… the festival finished at 5!) The kids LOVED it!  There were a few grumbles throughout the day;  don’t get me wrong , but this was mainly because they wanted me to go on a ride with them or pet some animals.  Jonny of Red House Farm played host to the Little Fun Fest and the day(s) were brimming with things to do, see and hear.

Let the pictures speak for themselves IT. WAS. AMAZING

Images of That Facepainter face painting near Manchester Little Fun Fest

The Red House Farm is still open if you fancy a nice day out. Just follow the links for information and if you would like to know more or of any upcoming dates for the next Little Fun Fest *taps nose* word has it that it could be happening again next year ;o) Do keep an eye out on their site and various social media platforms.

Thank you guys, hosts, performers and guests, especially those who stopped by so their little ones could get painted, your patience was most appreciated.


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