Festive Ideas for Face Painting – The Snowman 27th November, 2013

With Christmas hot on our heels (and me giddy with excitement) I’ve been playing around with some ideas and generally practising some festive faces.

Who doesn’t love a snowman?  I’ve been toying with designs in my head for a day or two now and wanted a classic feeling little chap.  I was thinking top hat, carrot nose, coal buttons .. you get the picture.   As it turns out, inspiration was found via Instagram – a lovely lady had posted up an image of a loo roll and not just any soft 3 ply variety it had The Snowman character on it!

Here are some tips, sorry it’s not an actual pictorial step by step guide as I hadn’t thought of doing it like that originally.

The Snowman Collage Guide

 Step 1:  Laying down your base/back ground.  All I did was lightly dab around my eye lids, corner of the eye, top of the cheek bones and forehead some pearl/metallic white (paint that’s a little sheer, I guess you would be able to brush some iridescent powder if you don’t have a sheer white), I mixed this up a little with some blue areas too.  Once it was mostly dry, using a stencil I was able to dab random snowflakes (if you don’t have any stencils, free hand is fine or if you have that random snowflake rubber stamp somewhere, you can use that too) using a light blue, teal and regular white paint.  Also, very carefully just at the corner of my eye I used a little bit of glitter like eye shadow.

Step 2: If you use white paint to draw in your Snowman, this will help eliminate A LOT of wiping off if you were to use colour.  Once he has been painted it.  If you add some shadowing to the Snowman, hat, scarf it’ll help add to the depth – rather than have it flat in colour. Adding little splodges of white paint to his arms and hat as little clumps of snow makes it look quite adorable, when I painted these in.  Using silver glitter, I dabbed a little on each snow clump.

Step 3:  As my brows are really heavy and dark, these were a little hard to camouflage into his white arms.  But if you use the natural shape/arch of your brow it’s makes for a really lovely “hug like” arm span for him.  I stopped at just the corner of my eye, but I guess you could elongate this a little further.

Step 4: Just a few extra finishing touches, such as matching pale blue glittery lips and extra snow falling sorta dots (I love dots!) and he’s completed!


P.S Please use only FDA/EU approved face paints and cosmetics glitters.




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