Happy Birthday – well, to me! 8th April, 2013

ThatFacepainter is a year old!!  What an amazing, surreal and fantastic journey the past 12 months have been.  Aside from jinxing the country with the worst ever summer on record, in embarking on face painting as a business, I can’t believe the opportunities that little ol’me, my paints and brushes have had.

The most recent being such a butt load of icing on my imaginary (birthday) cake, painting for the Little Fun Fest in their first year of unleashing this two day jam packed event which saw an abundance of energy with the likes of DiddiDance, Starkidz, Baby Ballet, Fairy Enchantica (and this was just in The Fun Barn where I was based!)  More of that in another blog =o) as I’m digressing a bit here.


Many thanks to Bank Hall, Lakeside Coffee House, Christian Aid North West, Harts Amusements, Aunty Social, Baking for Babies, Carers Central, RSPCA – Preston, Amy in connection with UNICEF, Ash Grove, Cuerden Valley, Logan North Appeal, 3hundredand65, 3ManFactory.  All those birthdays, christenings, weddings and celebrations that I have been invited to.  And by no means least, the support from fellow social media friends/followers to ALL these friends whose children I’ve managed to slap some paint on to trial a design, practice and practice on (especially you, Tink!!)

Also, to these five ladies who inspired me from the get go and continue to do so: Caroline,Olga, ShawnaD, Heather and Lisa, I give so much thanks!

And to My Husband, My Master and My Little Miss.  …  I love you as BIG as the world … xXXx

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