Humble Beginnings 19th October, 2012

My face painting journey has been more than I could have ever expected, anticipated or even dreamt of!  As my husband knows, I love crafty things such as the quilling box set that I urged him to drive out to a craft store for; adamant that I was going to take it up .. but as you guessed it, I’ve not really completed a quilling project – that was 8 years ago!

Anyway, since I started face painting as a business I can’t stress enough how thankful I am that it has gotten to where it is up to date.  The purpose of this blog, is to shout out about another growing organisation; Bank Hall, these guys have just gone from strength to strength and it is with them my humble beginnings began.

The family and I stumbled upon them by accident one weekend in April while out driving one weekend, Bank Hall was holding one of their many annual events – namely the Easter Bunny Hunt.

The gorgeously ruined Jacobean mansion is surrounded by lovely acres of woodland that you can take a wonder through on their nicely guided paths.  As we had gone in April that year, there were daffodils everywhere (being an Aussie, it’s rare that you get to see such flora outside of a florist).

It is wonderful to be in such surroundings and in great company of the familiar faces of all the volunteers that are on a mission to maintain the woodlands and get funding for it.  They finally got their fair share of T.V publicity too by being on recently, Gardeners World and Britain’s Empty Homes back in September.

This Autumn, with Halloween looming their next event is going to be Spooktacular (okay, so I’ve used that already elsewhere) dubbed a “Haunted Autumn” come dressed up and make an outing of it with your little beasts.  Weather permitting, they’re also going to light a bonfire too! 











So THANK YOU Geoff, John and all you volunteers at Bank Hall for letting me become a familiar face.


Many thanks to John too for allowing me to use his photos for this blog.

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