I Did It! We Did It! 18th March, 2013

Thank you ALL of you – every single person, family, couple; good hearted people out there.  You have helped me raise over £500 smackeroonies!! FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS for Rosemere Cancer Foundation.  My hair, measuring over half a metre long, has been sent to The Little Princess Trust.  Being given the opportunity to donate to these two wonderful causes has been such an honour I can’t even begin to comprehend.

With the help of my husband, I tried to keep a rolling commentary of the day’s happenings via various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, posting pictures where I dare and providing that tiny window which allowed all you lovely people to see what your words of encouragement and money was doing.

 ThatFacepainter Charity Hair Cut

I know that the thought behind this isn’t original. I’m not claiming to be the first person to have done this, but for my personal journey it, was perfect!  Perfect in every fibre of my being. Perfect because it has felt so right from when I thought about this eons ago.  The last time I ventured down this route, it was a necessity. My hair back then was pretty much the same length as it was and knowing the possible side effects of chemotherapy, I knew that I didn’t want to wake up with clumps of hair over my pillows.  I didn’t want that shock as I thought that I couldn’t cope.  So, before my first round of chemo started (just before my birthday), I took charge and went for the chop.  I admit to having a level of vanity and for a brief spell did think “Oh my hair!”  The melee of emotions back then can’t compare to what I was faced with now.  I took the first initial cut and felt like I had conquered Mt Everest, run a marathon, swam the Channel – I felt elated.   For the first time since being given the “All Clear,” what had been executed yesterday allowed me to feel that it was done; a Chapter that can now be put to rest.

So with this and with so, so, so much gratitude, thanks and love in my heart of hearts, I thank you all so so so much for supporting me, encouraging me on such a cathartic journey.  My circle is complete and after what seems like a long time, I feel that I am more at peace.


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