Lessons Not Out Of A Book .. But On YouTube 15th April, 2012

YouTube is my Mecca for learning and recreating designs or admittedly. .. downright copying a design.  I would love to palm these off as my own, but I would be discrediting these talented people in more ways than one.   I guess it’s like dancing.  Obviously there are key steps/elements in a tango, but once you’ve learnt the basic steps, you add your flare to it give it a bit of what is you and create something that has your mark.

I have yet to get to that stage where I can just confidently create something that’s mine, without it having a hint of this person’s creation or that.  There’s always an underlying basis from some other ubertalented face painter; and my Yoda (who is better looking as well) is Lisa Joy Young, you can find her on YouTube and she has a plethora of tutorials that are brilliant.  I love her whimsical designs that are completely stunning.  Nice clean lines and designs that as a parent, I wouldn’t mind paying to have my child’s face painted.  And her handy hints and tips are a great bonus as well.

I totally agree with Lisa, she made a valid point and mentioned how in this industry starting out can get costly.  These products can get pricey especially if you don’t know how well it performs and when it becomes apparent that one doesn’t work for you and you’ve just spent £4 plus on a small pot of paint; I get slightly gutted and think “Well, that could’ve been glitter or a brush!”.  Unlike clothes where you can try before you buy, or return it if you don’t like it.  There are hardly any supply stores out there that we could get hands on.  Or sample pots that can be requested to try before we buy.  So reviews on YouTube are VERY handy and are like the new age “Chat Room Forums” of the 90’s.  Ultimately it’s all about trial and error, so all these reviews are extremely handy in knowing what to keep your eyes out for and what to stay away from.

Lisa’s not the only face painter on there, as there are loads; so please don’t think I’m discrediting others.  I guess it’s about finding a style that you like, that could be perhaps suited to you and adapting your designs to it.

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