My Social Media Tips Part 3 (Twitter) 27th November, 2013

I think I speak for a good majority here when I say, “What is Twitter?! .. I don’t get it” because I did say that at some point.   Before ThatFacepainter, I wasn’t really one for Tweeting. I didn’t even own an account, and didn’t see the point to be honest. How wrong was I!?

Of all the platforms that I’ve used, Twitter has been phenomenally good to me in terms of what I’ve been able to get out of it.  Once again, it’s another free tool that has allowed me to save on marketing/advertising costs that I would’ve had to consider if this platform wasn’t available.  The success rate for me is all due to the people I follow or who follow me.  They have been a massive help/ life line to my ever churning business cog. Without their referrals, suggestions I wouldn’t have gotten a good 70% of my business.


I like Twitter for the instantaneous pace it allows you on the day; the bite sized restricted platform sees to this.  Usually it’s great  for a bit of banter to connect with followers at an event I may be painting at, reminding them where I am that day, or even where I’ll be situated at the fair.  Helpful information such as road closures or accidents are handy to know about too on the day.

Like all the other platforms, it’s important to engage with the relevant and useful people/businesses.  Look out for groups, companies, and charities who are local  or in your surrounding area that you can “Follow” (the Twitter search is massively underused).  See what they’re up to and give them a mention, as it is most likely that you’ll be remembered and, hopefully, eventually referred.


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