My Social Media Tips Part 4 (Instagram) 12th February, 2014

It’s just pictures, right?!

In essence it is and personally for me I love this particular platform for a number of reasons.  When I eventually got an account, I thought I would be vigilant and just stick to face painting themed shots of my work or anything related to my work – How. Wrong. Was. I!? Thus far  my account has been filled up with , kids pics, cooking pics, kids pics, family outings, kids pics, crafting pics, and kids pics – oh the occasional face painting ones too.

I love the inspiration that you can find on here and more so, the social connection.  This does depend on the circles that you end up dancing in and as I delve into Instagram, it’s just like all the other social media platforms, it’s up to you to make of it what you want.  Instagram has been a great tool for similar like minded people (sounds mental – I know) this really echoes for me on the subject of crafts, predominantly crocheting.

ThatFacepainter's Instagram Social Media Tips Instagram

A great example of this “community spirit” is this fabulous project that I’ve taken part in, which was the brainchild of a fellow IGer (aka Instagram-er) Mummy Stacey who is now known as “Fro Funky” if you are on Instagram and would like to see this example the hashtag to search for is “crochetmoodblanket2014” and it’s a wonderful project that has pulled in attendees far and wide totalling to at least 3000 knitting/crocheting mad/loving people.

Since late 2013 and up to press we’ve all been plotting, frogging, trialling different designs and connecting via this channel and on Facebook and I find it a wonderful little tinterweb spot.  There’s been an array of advice and tips which have been thrown about and given on a daily basis, as well as crocheted visual delights of peoples accomplishments with the latest pattern they’ve trialled or current work in progress.

As a business tool, if you were to refine your “connections” to tailor around your specific field you have another fab free marketing tool to be used.   An exemplary role model is that of The Rogue + The Wolf who are just fabulous at how they’ve taken to Instagram as they’re totally kicking it with their revolutionary 3D printing jewellery and home wares range on there.


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