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Merry Christmas to all for 2013! 16th December, 2012

Christmas street lamp

As we count down our sleeps until Father Christmas is here, I know my household is gearing up with loads of excitement for the day.  I would like to thank you all for your support and business for 2012. It has been fun-tastically awesome; here’s to 2013, where I hope the weather will be a little less relentless. Merry Christmas & all the festivities.  To a wonderful 2013 xBx

A Spotty Dotty Delight. 20th November, 2012

Floral cluster with dots

When it comes to hashing out a design, I admit and hold my hand up to the design not being entirely my own.  There are some designs out there that are utterly gorgeous and you just have to replicate it as it is, then you get ones where there are only certain elements you like from it.  This could be a matter of things, placement of a flower, angle of… (read more)

Humble Beginnings 19th October, 2012

Bank Hall

My face painting journey has been more than I could have ever expected, anticipated or even dreamt of!  As my husband knows, I love crafty things such as the quilling box set that I urged him to drive out to a craft store for; adamant that I was going to take it up .. but as you guessed it, I’ve not really completed a quilling project – that was 8… (read more)

Clean Brushes? .. Yes Please!!! 10th October, 2012


As a face painter, your brushes are essentially one half of what you do so in my opinion it is important that they’re kept in the best nick possible.  In the past I did a post on reshaping your brushes using boiled hot water, personally I still stand by this and do this to my brushes every 2 to 3 weeks.  But before I reshaped the brushes, a clean would… (read more)

Hair Appointment For March 2013 3rd October, 2012


Fast forward to March 17 2013: I will be 35 and for my 35th Birthday I’m to get a haircut; a haircut that I hope will perhaps contribute some way to help with cancer patients at the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.  Whether it’s someone’s parking for their radiotherapy sessions, coffee and biscuits for supporting carers  –  just a little something. Almost seven years ago, it was Tom and I that would… (read more)

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