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Split What?? .. Split Cakes!! 15th April, 2012

Home made Snazaroo rainbow/split/arty cake.

What is a split/rainbow cake?  When I saw these .. . my thoughts were “INGENIOUS!” … “So that’s how they do it! ” .. and the almighty “WOW!!” These are ‘cakes’ (container of your face paint) that aren’t just one flat colour, but basically a cake which comprises of two colours or more.  You get various colour variations that’ll give you perfect blends for roses, back drops, anything!  You can get… (read more)

Lessons Not Out Of A Book .. But On YouTube 15th April, 2012


YouTube is my Mecca for learning and recreating designs or admittedly. .. downright copying a design.  I would love to palm these off as my own, but I would be discrediting these talented people in more ways than one.   I guess it’s like dancing.  Obviously there are key steps/elements in a tango, but once you’ve learnt the basic steps, you add your flare to it give it a bit of… (read more)

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