Pearl Teal By TAG – Review 24th August, 2012

Since my last post on face paints it is without a doubt that I have fallen in love with the Diamond FX range of face paints.  Jumping onto them from using Snazaroo, I’ve not regretted the change at all.  That’s not to say that I haven’t come across some flaws with the DFX range, for example from their Essentials Range, the Red isn’t quite so red it leans towards and orangie red.  I do love their Metallic’s range I would definitely recommend the Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Violet and Green these offer nice solid colours when you paint with them.  As well as the Essential Black and White for line work, these personally are a must I found that a spare or three pots of white is essential too, as I’ve gone through quite a bit. Quite handy if you don’t mind cutting into your cakes to make your own customised rainbow cakes.

Branching out from DFX I have tried some TAG and Mehron Paradise.  With these two, you’ll find that Mehron’s seem quite fragrant, don’t get me wrong it’s a really lush smelling paint a lovely shea coco butter smell; however, the down side is that some clients may potentially have an allergy to this (when I do use it, I make sure to ask the grown up or person if they could be allergic to these oils to be safe). A colour swatch of a TAG cake in Pearl Teal

TAG Pearl Teal used for line work and as a base for background work.

TAG Pearl Wine and Pearl Teal are the only two I have from the TAG brand of the full round cakes and the Pearl Wine is a lovely colour to use as a “standard” lipstick colour for your girlie faces to help compliment the design.  The Pearl Teal, I’m not overly keen on as I found it quite transparent and the colour doesn’t show up as solid as I had hoped for line work (perhaps it’s due to my slightly tanned skin tones? I’m not too sure).  Perhaps if you used a Regular Teal and perhaps add on top of that a pearlised white it may offer more of a solid teal pearl sheen to your design? (this was just something that I thought may work, I’ve yet to try it myself as I’ve not purchased a TAG Teal Regular cake to do so).  So with more thought on the Pearl Teal perhaps this would be more suited to a back ground rather than actual line work if you’re wanting solid lines.

As a personal stand, as impressive as neon colours are.  I am slightly dubious in housing these in my kit, even if there’s a magnificent rainbow cake that has a slither of a neon element in it.  I won’t purchase it as there isn’t enough positive information out there for me to be comfortable with painting on prospective clients.  Don’t get me wrong, they are very vibrant and impressive – but as there are only about 3 or so colours that have passed EU regulations, I just don’t bother with it personally and that saves me some peace of mind and gives me one less thing to worry about as well. Using white as a base and the pearlised teal on top.

TAG Pearl Teal, used on top of DFX white line work.

When I am out and about painting and parents ask me about my paints, there is that great feeling of satisfaction that I can give my honest opinion on them as I have used them not only on my kids but myself as well.  If a certain colour stains, I’m more than happy to pre-warn the parent/caregiver about it.  Up to press, I’ve used every cake that I have purchased on myself.  Even if I’ve reordered the same colour I’ll use the new cake on myself.  There have been rumours of dodgy batches, whether it is hearsay or not I really don’t mind doing those test runs.  Plus as a painter you get days where you’ll doodle away so you may as well hit two birds, one stone and all that jazz.

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