My Social Media Tips Part 2 (Facebook) 5th November, 2013

Facebook, for me (and I think like many others), is the first Social Media platform that a lot of businesses turn to, to help make themselves known and to generate a presence; whatever your reasons, it is a fabulous tool and, on a basic level, it’s also free.

It almost doubles up like a website/web presence for those who aren’t able to code themselves a website or even afford one. In this day and age the web is pretty much the new billboard, flyer, business card and even the proverbial garden fence.

For me, Facebook allows me to engage with my audience/followers at an instant, with status updates and I’m able to plan months in advance, putting onto their radar what events may be happening that could be of interest for a lovely day out.

It’s almost like a notice board when you think of it; a hub of info and pictures.  An example of how I might utilise Facebook could be given via photos.

ThatFacepainter Facebook Page

If time and permission allows me to take photos of any faces I may have painted at a public event, I try and do so.  I will eventually create an album on my Facebook page to denote where the pictures may be found eg: PrestonFoodFestival 03Mar13 (in an ideal world where I’m SUPER organised, however – mostly this doesn’t happen).

This is particularly handy, because a good handful of children I have painted have come out with their grandparents (because Mum and Dad may be elsewhere). They get their faces painted and as it’s not a lasting art form the grandparents aren’t able to take a photo for Mum or Dad to see, as they may not have a mobile that can take a picture or even a camera on them.  With their permission, I’d suggest that I could take the grandchild’s photo where I would then ping it across to Facebook and voila – Mummy and Daddy’s able to see a pic of their freshly painted butterfly/spiderman.  Remember the unique URL I was banging on about in my previous post.  This is where it’ll come in handy, as you can confidently say “I’m on Facebook – just search for ThatFacepainter” and it should be the first suggestion.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to cover other social media platforms I use and find in particular useful and most helpful too.



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