Sponges For Your Kit 8th August, 2012

Sponges can come in a variety of shape, texture and form (density) but you’ll soon find them a handy addition to your kit. Whether they’re sponge mops for making the perfect circles to using them to apply your based colour to your design.  Different textures allow for different effects.  They can be used for a bearded face (stipple textured), snake scale or dry skin effect (sea sponge type texture).

With these round high density sponges you’ll find that a lot of painters will have these cut in half (and even quarters) so that you have more ways of sponging on your paint and more for your kit.  For example, you can use the whole flat side of the semi circle to lay down your base work for a tiger face.  Or if you have a rainbow cake using these to swipe across a rainbow on a face is super handy and lovely too.

Suggestions on how you can use these high density sponges for face painting

Then there’s also the smaller flat section of the sponge which is great to do slightly more detailed and controlled work where you’re likely to apply multiple colours into a design, say on that of a butterfly.  A slight pinch of the sponge will allow you to create a pointed corner of a kind this will allow you to direct the sponge into the areas you’d like.

Please note that, aside from my own links for the sponge mop and rainbow cakes the other two regarding the textures of a stipple sponge and sea sponge I have no gain out of.  I Googled these links so that as a reader you may have a quick reference to what the sponges looked like.

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