TAG Rainbow #4 & #6 – Review 9th June, 2013

I do love my multicoloured face painty cakes.  Split cakes, Rainbow cakes, Base blenders .. they’re just little pots of colourful pretty goodness – you can’t help but want!

These tiny, fit into the palm of your hand One Stroke variety are brilliant!  If you’ve not seen these before, these are smaller containers of painty goodness.  Roughly about an inch wide and over two inches in length, these one strokes are so so super handy.  Compared to your regular cakes they cost almost double the price (for a similar amount too), so they are a big investment for your kit.

This is a review for those who like me, need to watch what and where you spend in building up your kit.

Either one of the following  TAG One Stroke Rainbow #4 or Rainbow #6, I personally feel is a great essential for your kit if I was to pick between either one, I’m more inclined to go for Rainbow #6.  I like the two extra colours you get in this particular cake (lime green and purple) and when it paints, because there’s more colours in it, it offers a nicer balance for the smaller faces.TAG Rainbow

The bonus of this magical cake is that it’s a brilliant crowd shifter and to be honest .. who doesn’t love a rainbow?  Team this up with some iridescent glitter .. and you have the shimmery sparkly wonderful WoW Factor!

These take getting used to, to paint with – As too much water on these beauties can make ‘em ugly. Rather than getting a nice gradation of colours, because of the excess water your paint can get muddied up.  What I’ve found when I paint to help control how much water is on your brush (I love the 1” Flat Loew Cornell Comfort brush for them) is to have some kitchen roll/paper towel at hand to help blot out the excess water before you lay your brush in the container to pick up the paint.  If I find that I need more water on my brush after I’ve picked up my paint, I try and gently skim the water with the brush which I test on the paper towel and if I’m happy with it, I’ll repeat the same actions previously mentioned.

Happy painting guys!



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