Tick Toc it’s March! 4th March, 2013

Hello for 2013.  To say that it has been a long while since I last posted a blog is an understatement.   I guess for me, at times (mostly), I feel that what I say may be irrelevant or just scatty as the inside of my head is like that sometimes – imagine Escher’s House of Stairs.  Aside from that, my beloved laptop is missing a few keys so it makes it harder to type freely without having to cut and paste in a “h” or “H” key.

It’s March and what’s currently a big deal in our household, is that our Little Madam is turning 4! We’ve got Mother’s Day, then there’s my birthday and with that this year I get to do something that I have been wanting to do for a long while.  Raise money for a  specific cancer charity. Why I’ve not done it sooner is, I guess, a little personal and I’ve felt guilty not being brave enough to conquer such notions in the past.  However, right now as I reflect a little more on it, it’s reaffirming that perhaps it wasn’t meant to be back then.

I just didn’t want to “do something” for the sake of doing it and almost feel obliged to do so (in my Escher inspired head) and selfishly when I did that something, I wanted to feel right about it. Now has never felt so right for my personal journey.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to follow up on my last blog about being diagnosed with cancer as I kinda waffled on a bit.  I’m sure I left you all parched from needing a brew!  As the date grows a little closer,  I am so nervously excited and am filled with so much goodness I just wish my bank account reflected how pleased I am so that I could give back monetarily in equal measures to both charities, Rosemere Cancer Foundation in Preston and The Little Princess Trust.  But that’s not to say I’m ungrateful for the donations that have poured in for Rosemere – my gratitude can not be measured.

So, THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me. I set a target of £100 to raise money for Rosemere and currently I’m at £192 which has exceeded any expectations of any kind I may have had since starting it.


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