01. How much do you charge?

There are a number of factors that spring to mind when it comes to payment for my face painting services.   As rates depend upon a few things such as the distance that I need to travel.  I’ll need to know of numbers that are most likely to be painted; to give you an idea based on semi elaborate faces I can paint about 8 to 10 children’s faces an hour.  For example; if you’re having a themed Fairies party as I know I’ll be doing just fairy faces it’ll be quicker for me to start the basis of my designs.  So as you can see, if I’m armed with all of these answers I’ll be able to structure a quote to suit you.

Ideally I require at least 48hrs notice if you would like a booking, however I am more than happy to see if we can work something out for urgent requests.  Please contact me to discuss your event needs further.

02. How far do you travel out to?

I’m based in Preston (PR5), Lancashire and I cover a 10 mile radius.  Anything beyond this, will incur travel expenses (currently 50p  per mile).  However, for charitable events I’m more than happy to negotiate on this.

03. How long does it take for you to paint a face?

This depends on both the client and myself.  If the client is fidgety, it takes a little time to reel them in and remind them to sit as still as a statue as we don’t want paint going up their noses (I tell them silly answers like this, as it gets them laughing and allows those wiggly moments out).

On my behalf, the length of painting a design is based on the design itself (plus the client).  For your very basic full face butterfly without glitter, my choice of colour to use you’re looking at 2-3 minutes minutes maximum per person.  Then if glitter was to be added as well as detailing that’s another 1-2 minutes or more on top of that.

04. What happens if you start later than the time agreed?

Ideally if I’m able to start my first face as soon as the agreed start time, the better.  As it could be that I’ll have another booking that day where I’ll need to be ready for.  However, in the event where I’m late to start with this kind of scenario I’ll have to start charging for my time the first  5 to 10 minutes is understandable;  but for each half hour that I’m late to start painting there is a £2o charge.

05. There’s a faint residue after wiping off my face paint.

Occasionally paint may be absorbed into the skin and leave a faint residue this could be due to a number of factors such as:

1) How long has the paint been on for or  2) The complexion of someone’s skin

This will fade, however if slightly stubborn darker colours remain.  Personally what I found is that, if you use some baby oil or moisturising cream this will help pick up the remaining colour.  What I did was apply a nice even amount of the oil or moisturising cream over the area, leave it for a few seconds and then using a cotton ball/pad or tissue remove the oil or cream, by wiping off applying a little pressure if it’s on the arm or cheek.  Please take care and precaution if you’re removing face paint around near the eyes.

Also specks of glitter may still be left on the skin this will eventually flake off once dry.

Please use products that you know your child may not be allergic to.

06. What kind of paints & products do you use?

My kit contains primarily water based professional cosmetic face paints and cosmetic use only glitters, these are safe to use on the skin and all of which are FDA and EU approved.  I might add that I do own the odd paint pot that contain some oil based ingredients such as coco butter and avocado oil.  Personally I don’t house any neon or glow in the dark colours as bright and vibrant as they are just as a personal stand for me, I find it a grey area in terms of what kind of ingredients it may contain.  Some sites suggests that a few colours are fine to use on the skin, but mostly they suggest that it only be used in hair and for dramatic purposes only (as they glow with a black light) I’m not saying this is with EVERY single one.  This is just my opinion and reasons for why I don’t have neon colours in my kit.  I can guarantee that all my paints are professionally used face paints, being a Mum myself I’m quite conscience of what I store.  However, as with any cosmetic products, I cannot personally guarantee that your child will not have an adverse reaction and if  you’re in doubt as to whether your/a child may be allergic; please let me know that way I can carry out a patch test on the skin, which I am more than happy to do.  Best done first before their transformation though.

My paints can be removed with wet wipes, soap and water.


07. Can I leave my face paint on over night?

It’s lovely when I hear a child declare that they’ll keep the design on overnight so that they can still have it the next day because they’re going to show their Grandparents or school mate.  I suggest that this isn’t done, although it shouldn’t cause any harm but just like any other counter store make up product that an adult may use, it’s best to wipe this off before bedtime.

If possible I am more than happy to snap a picture of the design of your face for you which could then be found on my Facebook page, so “Like” me and  feel free to tag yourself in the picture/s.



08. Do you come in fancy dress or as a character?

I usually don’t, but am happy to discuss this further should you feel it would add to your event.

My usual attire comprises of casual comfort and a painted face (if you would like).

09. Do I require a deposit for a booking?

In order to secure your booking, I’ll require a £10 non refundable deposit.  However, in the event that I may become ill and will not be able to paint for you, your deposit will be returned.

10. There’s face paint on my clothes, will it come out?

Personally, when I’ve had it on my clothes it usually comes out in a normal standard 40 degrees celsius wash.  I’m unable to guarantee that it will, as different fabrics, laundry detergents, machines all come into account.

I’ve had black face paint fall onto our beige carpet and I was able to scrub this out with warm water and dish washing liquid added to it.  Along with the use of a scrubbing brush I was able to lift the paint from the carpet.  Please take care, if you’re working on delicate surfaces and fabrics.  If in doubt, a patch test would be ideal.